BEA - Lens Extrusion Cover - 70.0138

BEA - Lens Extrusion Cover - 70.0138
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BEA - Lens Extrusion Cover - 70.0138

Lens extrusion cover for Focus/SuperScan (price per inch).


When ordering please define lengths requried: 

1. Specify Qty as (Number of Total Inches)
Example:  If you need 5 covers at 48" each.
Qty = 5(units) * 48" = 240   
This would be a unit qty of 240 in cart 

2. Material Cut Length  (BEA will cut covers to any side, please specify cover length when ordering)

Example: 48" Cut Length

HardwareChimp Item # DS-BEA19
Material Cut Length  
List Price $3.00
Your Price $0.25
You Save $2.75 - 92%

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